The Lizzies

“Play to Get Laid” debut album by The Lizzies, 1999

Played guitar, bass and sang with a band of radical women on this independently released album, self-recorded in a homemade digital recording studio and promoted via punk rock and feminist oriented do-it-yourself online forums and tour bookings throughout the Northeast of America.

Live Event Curation, 1997-Present

I booked performances in the New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut region of America beginning with own band and building up to an early Le Tigre show on their first tour through Massachusetts in 2001, and reaching a pinnacle in 2010 with the Brooklyn homecoming of Patti Smith, featured with the outspoken emerging local rockers Shilpa Ray and Outernational at Southpaw. Also booked feminist punks Submission Hold and Anti-Product in Massachussets; and a soulful and intimate set with Moby & Inyang Bassey in Park Slope. Most recently she featured Claire’s Diary, The Tablets, the awe-inspiring Idgy Dean, paired with films by Itziar Barrio. She has also booked and promoted live readings and screenings with authors and filmmakers and worked with venues The Acheron, Southpaw, ABC No Rio, Public Assembly, Franklin Park and Bar 4. Also, volunteered with and at DIY arts spaces and bookstores throughout New England.

Nicole Brydson Written by: