The Subjective Objective

Solo Speaker, South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference 2014

I did a one hour presentation on building independent media, based on the Subjective Objective concept, expressed through the network. Description of the session:

The sum of honest subjective expression among all individuals creates the most objective picture by which to understand and actualize the objective truth about our society, informing the question, how shall we live? Informed subjectivity, unmediated knowledge, awareness, and experience inform the collective knowledge base. The action of sharing informed subjectivity has the power to transform society by creating a lattice between the artist and audience, journalist and audience, to propel deep dialogue forward through informed subjectivity. This lattice is easily achieved through open source digital connection that treats users equally on a horizontal platform. In this discussion we’ll explore how to start a grassroots effort to build a people’s local media structure that supports and strengthens independent artistic communities and small businesses through digital commerce and connection.

The goal of network is to build a media cooperative that enables dialogue among the many subjective views of art and life. If this is readable, digestible and participatory for the individual in search of authentic cultural engagement, it will serve the dual purposes of allowing art’s true objective value to emerge while artists engage in meaningful connective dialogue with their audience.

I see my responsibility as an arts journalist to escape from the museums we carry around inside us. A large pool of participants practicing journalism democratizes participation in art and counteracts the institutional rigidity within the art world. It should follow then, that journalism is no longer an institutional opinion that drives audiences, but should act as a partner in the continuum of a dialogue through which community engagement is fostered. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to be life long learners engaged with contemporaries in a comprehensive cultural study – to get it, and to shun the tendency towards individualist schadenfreude – as we are anthropologically in search of facilitating the dialogue of the vast continuum of art and politics, the global contemporary present and its anticipated future.

“The Subjective Objective” research as performance by Nicole Brydson was the conceptual framework for this project. Creating the subjective from the objective as performance art, using performance as research and research as performance to unveil the conflation of investigative processes from across disciplines. It was first featured in the exhibition Archiving The Now, at the Glasshouse Gallery, as part of the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival in New York City, July 2013


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