is about appropriation, filters and assumptions that we make about other people, ideas, places, anything without considering context.

CapitalismIt is inspiring to see the reaction of people as these memes are distributed. It has teaches a lot about the assumptions all humans make.

ColonialismThis experience has led to shedding assumptions about what we see around us and consider context.

Because Gifs

Will you join a new conversation?

These memes are not partisan. They seek to label our reasoning properly, to admit why humans do the things that we do, and the context through which we view success. The images we most associate with success are fed to us through visual advertising, the most visible form of commodified culture and the underwriter of almost all media. #because memes seek to relabel and redress what is considered success by reclaiming real physical space and using digital content to re-contextualize it. The goal is to start an honest conversation, challenging our perceptions of success; understand how our lives are re-routed through the lens of capitalism; and to make visible the need of all humans to become truly successful through equitable economic, political and social systems.

Slap it on a wall; watch it fall.

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