Nicole Brydson

I am a conceptual artist, photographer and journalist born and raised in New York City. I make art, tell stories, design graphics and websites; and use language and photography to unveil how we consider things through our own filtered assumptions.

The company my husband Rhett and I founded is called Misfit Media. We built and run a cooperative media network for creative people and projects at interchang.es. I am an interdisciplinary creative consultant to filmmakers, musicians, artists, performers and creative organizations on the intersection of their free expression and digital media.

“If the whole world fell apart, Nicole Brydson would still end up writing some kind of media with charred dog bones on chunks of asphalt. She’s got it in her, and it will always come out.” Cintra Wilson

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#becausecapitalism Pop Up Shop, VIRAL curated by Conrazón and ISLA, Staten Island, New York, January 24, 2016.

#becausecapitalism Holiday Pop Up Shop, Bushwick Vendor’s Market and Shwick Market, December 2015.

#becausecapitalism, Performancy Forum, Panoply Lab, Brooklyn, New York, October 18, 2015.

#becausecapitalism Pop Up Street Shop, XOXO Fest, Portland, Oregon, September 13, 2015.

#becausecapitalism, Animamus Residency, Gallery Sensei, New York, New York July 6-31, 2015.

#becausebushwick, Shwick Market, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York, June 5-7, 2015
A pop up shop for memes. Corporation as personhood performed. Local interactive art production. Communication, free of commodity.

“Because Capitalism” ink on wood, featured in Arts in Bushwick Exhibition & Benefit, Storefront Ten Eyck, Bushwick, Brooklyn, April 19 – May 10, 2015

“The Subjective Objective: Building Maker Media” Solo Presentation, South by Southwest, Austin, Texas, March 2014
Exploring how to build a localized media that supports and strengthens independent artistic and maker communities through digital content and commerce free of commodification.

“The Subjective Objective” research as performance by Nicole Brydson
Archiving The Now, Glasshouse Gallery
Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Brooklyn, New York, July 2013

Creating the subjective from the objective as performance art, using performance as research and research as performance to unveil the conflation of investigative processes from across disciplines.

“Pay it Forward” visual and performance collaboration with Paul Garrin  
All-Night Bookstore, Peanut Underground Gallery, New York, New York August 2012
A visual and literary survey of applying the concept of “paying it forward” in personal and professional service to others, based on how Nicole’s life has intersected with Paul’s life and long career as an artist and activist and our experience together establishing and documenting a live internet connection between the Lower East Side in Manhattan and Bushwick in Brooklyn.

Founding Editor and Publisher, BrooklynTheBorough.com, Brooklyn, New York, 2009-present.
Independent ad-free arts and culture coverage.

Nicole previously wrote for the New York Observer, BlackBook Magazine, New York Press, among others; worked in community organizing and communications for elected officials in both the New York State Senate and United States Congress; and started a punk band that played ABC No Rio a lot in the 90s.